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Natural Nail Health Is Our Priority

Our custom removal processes and pure gel products protect your nail health.

Our Process

Art Nail NYC offers a unique approach to nail care with custom removal processes that are damage-free and limit chemical exposure. With a commitment to advanced industry techniques and ongoing education, our goal is to help your nails reach their full potential.

Our Products

Experience the difference at Art Nail NYC with long-lasting, non-damaging manicures and a curated selection of pure gels from international brands. We carry the following brands:

  • Akzéntz
  • Kokoist
  • LeafGel
  • Luminary
  • The Gel Bottle
  • Vetro

Certified Professionals

Our certified professionals have years of experience and expertise in the field, which allows us to offer a wide range of nail services. Whether you're looking for one-of-a-kind nail art design or seeking natural nail care solutions, our team has you covered. Our professionals focus on using high-quality products and techniques to ensure your nails stay healthy and beautiful.

About Art Nail NYC

Art Nail NYC was founded in 2017 by Sataya Stone with a goal of providing her clients with the best natural nail care experience. ArtNailNYC is a natural nail-focused salon in New York City and Miami offering pure gel manicures, hand painted designs, Aprés GelX extensions, and IBX nail strengthening treatments.


Our gels are, yes! We work with exclusively pure gels, which means you are getting less chemical exposure than your typical drop-in salon.
No, nail extensions or gel nails will not damage your natural nail, provided you get them from leading professionals at Art Nail NYC and follow all the post-extension care instructions.
Art Nail NYC is one of the best nail salons in Manhattan, New York because the professional nail technicians at our salon follow the best and leading industry standards for nail care. Trained with expertise and the experience to give your nails the best care possible.
Home care for your nail enhancements is simple;
  • Treat them like jewels, not tools.
  • Always wear gloves when doing dishes or cleaning.
  • Avoid soaking in water for long durations.
  • Do not pick or nibble on nails.
Your nailist will recommend when to book your next appointment, depending on your lifestyle and nail length. Generally, our clients book their next appointment for two to five weeks.
Your nailist will recommend the most appropriate length and shape for your lifestyle and nail goals.
Depending on your nail goals, you will discuss the differences with your nail artist.