Taneia C

Favorite nail shape: Tapered almond on natural nails, or long tapered square extensions.

Favorite scent: Pine tree/acorn scent because it reminds me of Christmas, my favorite time of the year.


Favorite nail shape: Long square


Favorite nail shape: Medium almond for clients, medium almond natural or coffin apres for myself.


Favorite nail shape: My favorite nail shapes are almond and square I personally like switching it up. For my clients, I recommend round because it feels a lot more natural, especially if that’s the first time their growing out their natural nails.

Favorite word: My favorite word is ‘gloriosa’ (Spanish). It means “glorious” in English. For me is not just the meaning, it’s the way it’s pronounced.


Favorite nail shape: My favorite nail shape and length on myself has always been a long square shape but I love long almond shapes for my clients.